Andy Lewis, singer-songwriter, trumpet & flugelhorn

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Designed. - Single - Andy Lewis

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Andy Lewis

I'm a welsh singer-songwriter, now based in London. My influences range from Sting, Stevie, Prince, Ray LaMontagne and whole host of other artists, old and new. I write mostly on the piano, and then bring my band in to complete the job.

As well as performing my own material, i re-arrange well known tunes and often play these at my gigs- my version of madonna's 'like virgin' can be found on my site in a live video we shot this year.

With my EP, 'designed' already out on ITunes and the majority of my first album ready for recording, 2013 promises to be an exciting year, so join the mailing list, keep an ear out re what i'm up to and come down to hear us play sometime soon!

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Designed. - Single - Andy Lewis