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Introducing Andy Lewis

I’m a welsh singer-songwriter, based in Cardiff. I’ve been singing a playing trumpet since i was eight, but was exposed to a whole array of music from an very early age via a tape my dad made for me when i was born that consisted of everything from […]

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Andy Lewis

I'm a welsh singer-songwriter, based in Cardiff and my influences range from Sting, Stevie, Prince, Ray LaMontagne and whole host of other artists, old and new. I write mostly on the piano, and then bring my band in to complete the job.

As well as performing my own material, i re-arrange well known tunes and often play these at my gigs- my versions of reworkings on other artists’ material can be found on my site via the videos page along with some of my original music.

I also own and run, alongside my friend and awesome engineer, Liam Ross, Corner house Studio, based in Cardiff. Check us out at www.corner-house-studio or on twitter – @cornerhouse148. We’re open 7 days a week and offer a varierty of recording options.

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