Tour and Gigs

Upcoming Gigs 2019:

Thursday 22nd of August- Private Event, Bristol.

Friday 23rd of August – The Botanist, Cheltenham (Duo). 9pm-12.

Saturday 24th of August- Corporate Event, S.Wales (Full Band).

Sunday 25th of August- Private Event, South Wales (Full Band).

Friday 6th of August- The Botanist, Bath (Trio). 9pm-Midnight.

Saturday 7th of August- Private Party, Cardiff Bay.

Sunday 8th to Monday the 16th away gigging in Lefkada, Greece.

Thursday 26th Sept-Quantum Coffee, Cardiff (Trio). 8pm-11pm.

Friday 27th of Sept- The Botanist, Cheltenham (Duo). 9pm-12.

Saturday 28th of September- Private Event, Bristol (Full Band).

Sunday 29th of Sept – Head of Steam, Cardiff (Duo). 6-8pm.

Saturday 5th to the 10th of October, Away gigging in Greece.

Saturday 12th of October- Private Event, Somerset. (Full Band).

Thursday 17th of October- Quantum Coffee, Cardiff (Trio). 8pm-11pm.

Saturday 26th of October- Private Event, West Wales. Full Band.

Saturday 9th of Nov- Private Event, Blagdon. Full Band.

Thursday 17th of Nov- Quantum Coffee, Cardiff (Trio). 8pm-11pm.

Saturday 23rd of Nov- Private Event, Devon. (Full Band).

Thursday 19th of Dec- Quantum Coffee, Cardiff (Trio). 8pm-11pm.

Recent Gigs:

Principality/Millenium Stadium, Cardiff.

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, Drury Lane Theatre.

Hensol Castle, Wales.

The Fishermen’s Friend’s Movie Soundtrack.

Club Vass, Lefkada, Greece.

National Watersports Festival.

The Hippodrome Theatre, Leicester Sq.

The Pheasantry, Kings Rd.

229, Great Portland st.

St David’s Hotel, Cardiff.

The Yard, Cardiff.

Andy Lewis

I'm a welsh singer-songwriter, based in Cardiff and my influences range from Sting, Stevie, Prince, Ray LaMontagne and whole host of other artists, old and new. I write mostly on the piano, and then bring my band in to complete the job.

As well as performing my own material, i re-arrange well known tunes and often play these at my gigs- my versions of reworkings on other artists’ material can be found on my site via the videos page along with some of my original music.

I also own and run, alongside my friend and awesome engineer, Liam Ross, Corner house Studio, based in Cardiff. Check us out at www.corner-house-studio or on twitter – @cornerhouse148. We’re open 7 days a week and offer a varierty of recording options.

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