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Here is a little bit about me, contact me for any more information.

’m a welsh singer-songwriter, based in Cardiff. I’ve been singing a playing trumpet since i was eight, but was exposed to a whole array of music from an very early age via a tape my dad made for me when i was born that consisted of everything from Miles Davis and Bix Beiderbecke through to Captain Beefheart, Stevie Wonder, The Stones, Cream and The Who. Pretty eclectic, but definitely gave me an idea that there was a whole lot of music to be explored out there (and a way of getting through long car journeys with only a grumpy dad for company)!

My influences range from Sting, Stevie, Prince, Ray LaMontagne and whole host of other artists, old and new.

I write mostly on the piano, and then bring my band in to complete the job.

As well as performing my own material, i re-arrange well known tunes and often play these at my gigs- my versions of reworkings on other artists’ material can be found on my site via the videos page along with some of my original music. I also own and run, alongside my friend and awesome engineer, Liam Ross, Corner house Studio, based in Cardiff. Check us out at www.corner-house-studio or on twitter – @cornerhouse148. We’re open 7 days a week and offer a varierty of recording options.

With my EP, ‘designed’ already out on ITunes and the majority of my first album ready for recording, 2016 promises to be an exciting year, so join the mailing list, keep an ear out re what i’m up to and come down to hear us play sometime soon!

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You can find some of my music on Apple Music. Click the link below to listen to my albums, singles and EPs.

Corner House Studio

I run a studio based in Cardiff. You can learn more by visiting the Corner House Studio Site.

More Music

Listen to more of my music from here. I have a SoundCloud you can follow, and you can find more of my music here.


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I have videos on YouTube and Vimeo where you can watch and hear more of my work. Click the link below to see some of those videos.

Tours & Gigs

Watch Me Live

I travel the world to play my music. You can click the link below to find out where I have played. Find out the details to watch me live

About Andy

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You can find more information about me using the link below. If you would like to know anything else, contact me to ask more.

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Contact me for any information regarding my music. You can email for booking details to watch me live or to book some time in my studio.




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